A Remarkable Personality

September 4, 2009

Nowadays everybody knows YouTube as an enormous source of information. No matter what kind of video or just audio related documentation we need, everything can be found there almost everything.
My regular use of YouTube is concentrated on the search of interesting and historical documents about pianists. A couple of days ago I found something really astonishing. Looking for a comparison between different interpretations of Prokofiev´s Seventh Piano Sonata Op. 83, I have been guided by some comments posted on videos of this piano work. So I discovered a completely unknown pianist, the Russian Vladimir Bakk.
His Prokofiev interpretation really captured my attention to further listening to other recordings.
One of the best examples of Bakk´s artistic expression doubtless comes through the Rachmaninoff´s Second Piano Sonata Op.36. His technical skills are full of transparency, absolutely serving the musical path of the work. His singing tone shows a deep understanding of the melodic line of the score, never played for itself, but always in the logical motivic thorough-composition.
He never neglects to open his soul to the highest purpose of making music with the heart.
Liszt´s Sixth Hungarian Rhapsody No.6 is another extraordinary performance of this great artist.
Never rushing with octaves, keeping a balanced harmony between a vibrant rhythm and a strong musical character of the piece, Bakk creates a fantastic painting, using different colors of sound and putting his entire charm into it.

Unfortunately, Vladimir Bakk is no more with us. He died 2007 at age 63. Quite sad that he didn´t get the proper recognition during his life. The few videos of his performances on YouTube pay tribute to this pianistic genius.
Vladimir Bakk should become an inspiration to all those pianists who want to reach everybody´s heart and soul through the music

Vladimir Bakk