Private Practicing

April 22, 2009

Last week we had the opportunity to assist to a unique classical music project: the YouTube Symphony Orchestra performing at Carnegie Hall. The musicians came from several countries and have been selected through auditioning videos, which they self-posted on YouTube. That was the first orchestra made in the world-wide-web.

Just check your camera, put it in your practice room, choose the best piece you can play and then just record your little audition to get your chance to be a member of a virtual orchestra. A good idea, a well-organized project, a particular live performance.

Any instrumentalist was no more required to travel personally to an audition, they could just do it from their home, from their practicing room. Quite interesting but, do you really like this? It sounds like in doing so, virtual voyeurs are allowed to watch me while I am having my private practicing session at home.
Well, I think that a practicing session should be rather an intimate affair with the instrument, yes, a very close relationship with the piano, for example, like two lovers communicating with each other I would let listen from outside the practicing room, it is more exciting and not that interfering for the two involved, musician and instrument, pianist and piano.

Otherwise, why not making an exception and watching a unique pianist doing his unique practicing session in his unique room?
I am sure this pianist also didn´t want to be disturbed and be watched every time he practiced, as said, this is an exception.