When the pupil is ready for his master

October 28, 2009

It has been said that the best teacher always recognizes when his pupil is ready to learn something new. In other words a really good teacher can be as good as his pupil is able to understand and to apply new knowledge upon particular topics related to the learning process. As usual students are tending to model his master, whithout thinking about the quintessential purpose of those teaching methods. But how long does it take to step further from the level of simple modeling to the consciousness of active learning and finally reaching at least the same level of the master? When are students ready to develop theirselves and become masters of their own, last but not least to even try to pursue the path which the master has shown?

Individuality, a strong personality, the power of determination are actually the main requisites to reach mastership. Doubtless we are speaking here about a work-in-progress, during the entire life. Being a pianist for a choice of profession is a lifelong task, to which we are personally committed to achieve the peak of mastership in being a musician. Who is the best master that we can find in order to reach this level?
Practicing is the best master to us, and we are never-ending students.