The Pianist’s Life with Music – A Work in Progress

November 15, 2008

Do you believe in coincidence? Or do you prefer to believe in a perfect master plan of the universe? Well, if you are reading this blog, it is probably not a coincidence. You just found this blog because you are making music. Maybe making music is the main component of your personal expression, maybe you are a music student, or music is your profession, either as a career or as a music teacher. Anyway, making music is the part of my life which drives me since my childhood. Music is my life, this is the reason why I simply decided to be a pianist. But I don’t want to remain just a pianist.
Professional development as a pianist is as much essential as personal development in life. Remaining just a pianist would mean stopping at a certain stepping stone without considering a wider perspective of experience.
You should not find satisfaction as a simple pianist, you should go further. Be an interpreter, an interpreter of music, and you will feel closer to the composer because you begin to understand his language, his works, his written notes.

This blog is not an omnium-gatherum of anything about music, pianists, composers and so on. This blog is a journey in the world of pianists, interpreters, musicians, composers who changed our lives and times.
You are welcome to share with me this wonderful journey.